Desperate for cash with which to buy weapons, various elements in the anti-Communist resistance turned to the drug trade.

Bhutto called fresh elections , and PNA participated fully in those elections. Akbar consolidated the entire project by placing the scientific research under military control, setting boundaries and goals.

College of Combat. The Express Tribune. Six Hour, Bhutto. Strategic Analysis. In Samantha, Power. Archived from the original on 20 October The rise of the illicit drug trade and its spread through Pakistan to the rest of the world increased tremendously during the Soviet-Afghan war. In the past he complained, "Many a ruler did what they pleased in the name of Islam. Archived from the original on 18 December A well laid out IT center with over computers and an equal number of printers, a three storied library with over books on management and 25 computer based work stations besides other educational and training support equipment and infrastructure is provided therein.

In his first speech to the nation, Zia pledged the government would work to create a true Islamic society.

Considering the gigantic magnitude of our Army, the requirement of training the Junior Leaders was only partially met with the raising of JLA Bareilly.


Hassan who had little interest in the atomic bomb project. The judgement tightened the general's hold on the government. Seven Officers from foreign countries have attended the courses this year. University graduates are eligible to appear in the examination. Perhaps most crucially, final and fourth martial law administrator appointment was then-Lieutenant-General Rahimuddin Khan.

Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq

Criticism of Islamism. A large number of countries including China have evinced keen interest in utilising the training expertise of Indian Army. The School of Artillery, located in the sylvan surroundings of the Western Ghats of Maharashtra, is the academic centre for various sub-disciplines of the science and methodology of artillery warfare.

The DSSC wards the symbol of psc passed staff course on successful completion training. Six courses are conducted annually to train students;.