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Doctor 'Who? As such, it does not always take him where he wants to go, but always takes him where he needs to go, or where his help is required. Submitted on August 13, Image Size Generally the Doctor is a self driven hero.

The blog even has a 'prequel' blog, Lovestruck-Derpy , which takes place before the Doctor became Discorded and when he was still traveling with Ditzy Doo.

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His TARDIS serves as his vehicle and home, and has a host of scientific tools that aid him in his travels, from scanners and compendiums to devices that can trap ghosts. An interesting note to add is that it was established in Doctor Who canon that unless the time line is changed the Doctor would have an "evil" selfish form 'somewhere between his 12th and ultimate bodies', who would take on the name of "The Valeyard".

In a fight with The Master, the Doctor used his screwdriver to charge energy around a sword. We all have our insomnia cure, yours being Discord Whooves, mine being fimfiction. She asks why hes wearing the tie she gave him, and he momentarily undiscords. A few physical features of the Discordation effect include the gray coat that the main 6 were also shown to develop when they were turned by Discord. Not counting his 'brief' time as "Discord Whooves" so far, he failed to live by this rule, more often than not.

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More from DeviantArt. The two playfully flirted with each other on occasion, and eventually, after noticing the troubles that The Doctor was going through, she offered him a very special gift: When he tried to kill the Master by shooting him, he accidentally missed. Lil Miss Rarity, least likely but still a possiblilty. The Discord who showed him 'The Truth' is not the one from the show, but in fact the original Discord who was faced long ago by Luna and Celestia.

As seen in a nightmare the Doctor had, two voice where talking to the Doctor and they supposedly died in a fire. He claims to not actually be a Doctor. Thank you and Yeah, you can start pretty much anywhere in the story and you wouldn't have missed much of a damn thing. The Doctor will then face Ditzy along with Twilight and try to fix what he had done to her best he can.

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The Doctor is a brown earth pony. It seems that Twilight's own world is being affected by multiple bleeding dimensions. An old friend of the Doctors who Came Back Wrong and is immortal, Jack was the former head of Torchwood, but after the events of Torchwood: The most he's ever willingly explained was that everything he's ever done ' doesn't matter ', and that The Truth is universal. He does have things he's afraid of, even if he rarely speaks of them. However, as punishment, he was made to undertake certain tasks for the Lord President The leader of the Time Lords , which eventually allowed him to clean his name.

The duration of this state doesn't last long, and sometimes results in a violent reaction. Well, anyway, the ways I think he could stop this from happening is to go back in time and stop Discord again preventing any of it from happening, or he somehow prevents this self from seeing the truth which would result the same way.

I did miss some stuff but this is what I think from what I've understood. She wears bandages to look cool and has pierced ears and likes to wear a beanie sometimes. We saw in Discorded Whooves how it began. The results did not alert him of the Discorded state, but told him that he was suffering a huge chemical imbalance in his body that was causing mood shifts, unstable testosterone levels, and his metabolism being unable to keep up with the changes.

Hide Media Preview Submit Comment. So the idea is that Amy and Rory died and the. Can you tell I'm a really big fan of this series? Discorded Whooves's skin color is much grayer than before and his eyes are much colder.

Notable events not really in order include: