What Nail Polishes Go With a Green Dress?

By Theresa Avila. Hope its a fun time: Neutral, nude shades are best then as they make your nails look clean, well-tended and professional without drawing attention. Pick shades of purple, pink and beyond for an ideal match. But if you will just be spending the day hanging out with friends, you can go for something fun and colorful or if you are a minimalist—something neutral.

Great consistency and easy application - a dream polish! Of course, there are the neutral colors—black and white. Now I want every polish you make! When there are shades of red, how are you supposed to know which one is right for you?

During winter, darker colors would be better. This citrus tone looks best with cherry red, brown, blue and gray. Get yourself a nail polish that's the same color as your fave summer drink.

There are plenty of blue shades that you can come across, and the most common ones are royal and navy blue. Wearing gold jewelry? All blogger photos are from the same batch of polish. The free samples let you try out new colors without spending money and the free customized advice is priceless.

But of course, the most common colors you can try are red, white, gold and silver. Sally Hansen teamed up with nail artist Madeline Poole to release a '90s-themed polish collection, which includes this dark green shade dubbed "Mallratz.

12 Summer Nail Polish Colors - Trendy Nail Shades for Summer

This tone of red looks winning with azure, gray, light orange, sand, pale yellow and beige. I love silver heels: If you like chunky jewelry with large stones then maybe you can paint your nails the color of, say, the stone on one of your rings or neck pieces.

Today's Top Stories. Recommended video. It's a mix between gray, navy blue and olive green - and it's Another thing you can do is to get an overview of your wardrobe. At this point KB is just trying to kill me, or at the minimum blind me! Gray, yellow-brown, lime green, mint green and brown are the best colors to match with fuchsia.

I also thinkyou should stick with the silver clutch. With nail colors, the sky is the limit. Why women's rights activists want a "no" vote for Brett Kavanaugh. Variations are caused by cameras, lighting, and skin tones. With white, you can never go wrong, and that is most especially true with the color of nail polish that you can wear.

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What color nail polish with red dress? These are as follows: Any shade you like, but I'd recommend a dusty rose sort of color. Copyright KBShimmer. Love at First Sight!