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March Memorandum of Conversation Washington , October 20, , 3: Top Secret; Noforn. February 4, Birthdate Meaning. Mark Johnson picked it up and sent it into the Soviet goal with one second remaining.

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If not for several remarkable saves by Jim Craig, the Soviet lead would surely have been higher than as the third and final minute period began. The Soviet team had captured the previous four Olympic hockey golds, going back to , and had not lost an Olympic hockey game since March 23, Birthdate Meaning.

Birthday - Chinese soldier and statesman Chiang Kai-shek was born in Chekiang. April 6, Birthdate Meaning. October 24, - The Irish Parliament voted to adopt a constitution for an Irish Free State, which formally came into existence in December.

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Retrieved 4 October On February 22, , Indonesian President Sukarno surrenders all executive authority to military dictator General Haji Mohammad Suharto, remaining president in title only. February 19, Birthdate Meaning. We want to hear what you think about this article. October 4, - Belgium gained its independence, after having been a part of the Netherlands since March 18, Birthdate Meaning.

November 15, Birthdate Meaning. Michael Ritchie Starring: January 17, Birthdate Meaning.

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July 26, Birthdate Meaning. June 20, Birthdate Meaning. Cold War. Gates became a billionaire by age 31 and remains one of the world's wealthiest individuals.