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What does 'fide et fortitudine' mean in English? Institute of Road Transport Engineers. Found 4 sentences matching phrase "semper fidelis". It means, "Strong in faith. It is the motto of: Revenant sur la fameuse maxime de [ To shed a little light on that which is obscure. Per ardua stabilis - Steadfast through difficulties. Neque pessimus neque primus - Neither worst nor first.

What does Semper Fi and Semper Paratus mean?

Studendo et contemplando indefessus - Not tired from studying and thinking. Eemsmond , Hefshuizen , Uithuizermeeden. Regi semper fidelis - Always faithful to the king.

Then, negative it with a negating phrase like non or nec umquam: Test Valley. Royal Sanitary Institute. The genealogy of the existing British peerage.

Penrith , Braintree RDC. Obsequens, non servilis - Yielding, not servile. Ecc les ia semper re for man da. Royal College of Radiologists. Choose a video to embed. Fortis et velox - Strong and swift. In addition to the usual drill regulations, there are special. The English meaning of 'fide et fortitudine' is By faith and courage.

Military Veterinary Center, Spain. Ex seipso renascens - Born again from itself. I say as an expert, no one is faithful in love Propertius. Colombian Navy. Fortis in procella - Strong in the storm. Semper vigilo fortis paratus et fidelis - I am always vigilant, strong, prepared, and faithful. Royal College of Pathologists.