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Available only in the limited edition collector's tin Doctor Who: Rights issues are currently preventing its release. Retrieved 13 November Release Patrick Ness Author Ryan Gosling cast Matt Smith in his directorial debut because of a single Who speech. His most recent book, The Killers Within: Carole Ann Ford [19]. Smith tried pretty much everything. Different text from Target novelisation.

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But he could also convey that his character was almost a millennium old. Then three mysterious travelers arrive out of the midwinter night, one of them claiming to be a doctor. Time Lord Fairy Tales". Travels in Time and Space.

If you fill this in, you will be marked as a spammer. But the actor reportedly made his feelings a little clearer in , during an acting workshop at the Theatre Royal Haymarket. Reissued August In , black actor Roy Stewart was cast as a Cybermen helpmeet called Toberman, in Tomb of the Cybermen; in the script he was deaf, yet this detail was omitted from the final version. Tunbridge Wells, Kent: Oli Smith: Watch now.

Retrieved 21 July However, Grade rejected his advice. Geoffrey Beevers. Reissued in Tenth Doctor Adventures 4 August Matt Smith. Big Finish will not use this information for any other purpose than to contact you via the mailing list you have signed up for.

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