Top 10 Local Multiplayer Video Games. Also, she practically invented the catfight. Top 10 Retro Video Game Boxarts. Rolling Stone. Hidden categories: After one last failed shot at love with brainy Diane Chambers, Sam Malone — the alcoholic, womanzing former ballplayer at the series' center — is abandoned by the core cast one by one, leaving him alone in the dark with the true love of his life: Top 10 4th Wall Breaks in Movies.

Top 10 Movie Dream Sequences. Top 10 Video Game Cliches. So you knew that shuffling off this mortal coil would play a part in the HBO series' finale; what was unexpected was how they used it.

Despite its flaws, the show is still a largely faithful and puts its comic book sensibilities front and center, and the cast are always wonderful. So many series feel the need to service fans in their finales, but Shawn Ryan and co.

Even as the cast trudges out of the empty apartment for one last shared cup of coffee, there's the feeling that Friends had ended ages ago.

YouTube's creators hit meme bingo in Rewind After mercy-killing his long-suffering sister Debra, he takes her body out to sea in the middle of a hurricane; the boat is destroyed, but the man himself — apparently a very strong swimmer — survives, showing up in the final shot as…a lumberjack! It has the best action and fight sequences of any superhero show in history, takes influence from some of the greatest story arcs in the comic source material to offer an outstanding mixture of sci-fi fantasy with realistic sordid crime drama. Top 10 TV Characters With Girls Way Out Of Their League - video dailymotion

Every possible answer has its passionate partisans even now, and the eight-year-old episode is still obsessed over like it was the Zapruder film. Official WatchMojo YouTube channel. But even so, Michael is your typical male hero: Edit page. Top 10 Mario Bros. But as with the rest of the show's ninth season, the last episode is excessively mawkish, and not in the spirit of the "comedy of awkwardness" that had been its stock-in-trade.

Top 10 Comedic Moments in Action Films. Top 10 Worst Hollywood Remakes. Top 10 Hilarious Villains. Top 10 PlayStation Fails.

Top 10 Memorable Television Characters of All Time

Sexy aliens! References to Peanuts There is a short 50 second video published on April 18, called " - Charles Schultz. As Claire, the youngest member of this dysfunctional clan, leaves L. What's left is cheese on top of cheese, and utter lack of self-awareness about it's own posturing toward a hipness it has no chance of achieving. Top 10 Annoyingly Catchy Songs.

Evil aliens! Top 10 Movie Apocalypses. What makes Al great is not just how relatable he is, but also his tragic side, as he is generally unhappy and makes sacrifices in order to appease his family.

Martin Scorsese teams up with British writer for epic take on the Romans Film The Guardian

Agents of S. The cast of 'Six Feet Under. The look on his face as the camera slowly pulls in and he sits there, stuck in his version of prison though not without access to a firearm , is both priceless and perfect.

Show 25 25 50 All. Robots that die and make you sad. Lists of fruit, 'cause why not?