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Stanton ebook by T. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. This is an enduring favourite everywhere of the hordes of Harlequin readers who love their love stories to be Harlequin-traditional. Plus, this novel is regularly censored for its honest depiction of teenage sexuality—so you should definitely read it. Faking It Kindle Edition by K. El Diablo The Devil, 1 by M. Harlequin Presents, marriage in name only, fun, light hearted, smart heroine, playful, slapstick, feel-good romance, virgin heroine,.

Join Goodreads. Harlequin Presents, traditional Harlequins, royal romance, single mother, marriage of convenience, ugly duckling, Cinderella, virgin heroine, hot and steamy, alpha male. Lynne Graham.

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Predictably, she falls in love with him, leaves him because he doesn't feel the same and she just can't handle it any more. Want to Read saving…. Heart of Gold Firecats, 1 by P. Really, the only question you have is whether the hero is Greek or Italian. Discover new books on Goodreads. Refreshingly, there isn't a hint of angst in site, everyone has pretty great and functional relationships with their families, and the hero isn't a jerk.

Darhower Goodreads Author. Skeptics might roll their eyes at Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele's lurve , but real ones know their tale of bondage and obsession is a highkey steam-fest.

The heroine is a modern woman. This is one of the highest rated marriage in name only Harlequins The love story between Alex and Sarah is a traditional marriage in name only Harlequin where the main characters, despite their prosaic reasons for entering into marriage, can't contain their feelings in such close proximity and find themselves falling hopelessly in love. The heroine is intelligent and talented, and not at all spineless which is always a nice surprise for a Harlequin read.

Girl is jilted at the altar and must find a new man STAT because obviously, she can't live without one. In a long list of fiery, vengeful, combustible Harlequins, this one is the most fiery, the most vengeful, and most definitely the most combustible. This time it's the groom's brother who not only convinces him to jilt the bride, but who ends up marrying her himself.

Crow Boston Underworld, 1 by A. Girl is uninterested in alpha male so he falls madly in love with her against his will. Refresh and try again. Depravity Beastly Tales, 1 by M. It's an older, traditional Harlequin that's endured for forty years because of its emotional, evocative writing. Bennett Family. Join Goodreads.

Harlequin Presents, marriage of convenience, royalty, alpha male, submissive heroine, tear-jerker, emotional, baby drama,. Of course, that frustration and tension is what keeps you hooked through every passionate fight, fit of self-pity and sizzling love scene. Crowd Ranked Version of the List - Vote on it! You'll have a whole new appreciation for it after you read this book.

Lucy Monroe. It combines the best-loved parts of a Presents novel with the steaminess of a Blaze story.