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Do you have a website where folks can read more about you and your shows? Just thought I would share some of the tricks I use to build more closely matched wood arrows. Seek this thread http: When compounds became available I bought the first one I saw. If, back end of arrow kicks left horizontally, Opposite is true for left handed shooter.

All Howard Hill longbows are laminated, with fiberglass backing for a maximum of strength and durability. Article by Frank Addington, Jr. In addition, the arrow needs to be flying straight when entering your target animal so as not to retard penetration. Thanks for all the replys.


The "Owl" has osage in the lams from memory? We cannot ignore the accumulated weight of our ancestors' investigations and discoveries either, especially given the important differences between what counts for an efficient target bow on the one hand and an effective close-quarter hunting bow on the other hand. I love Hill bows and Hill-style bows. Dont forget to post pictures of the one you decide to get. Since we are bowhunters and use broadheads while hunting, we tune our equipment with broadhead tipped arrows.

But the powerful, simple truth of bows is that after enough shots, what works, works, and what doesn't, doesn't, theories, beliefs, prejudices, preferences and even prayers notwithstanding. Yes, I played baseball, football and ran track. What I'm trying to say from all this is, some of you are quoting facts and figures based on what was said on film or in books. I'd prefer yew, boo or elm. The implications of all this to the hunting archer?

What was your early childhood, family life like? Likewise, if your bow arm collapses or you move it up or down at time of release be aware of this and disregard the arrow flight. Results 1 to 13 of I shoot just under 50lbs and use a tad over 7 grains per pound of draw - works great for me. That style is whisper quiet and probably the most durable style you can get--but it's also the slowest if you care about that and imparts the most hand shock.

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