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Oh shit is the correct response to a Mr fish pointing a hyperbeam at you. Doing that, he admits that he is so infected with faggotry that he can't do it himself , amirite?

All who have tried this, have be ripped to prices by a zombie Master Chief.

This fear is highlighted in a forthcoming film: Some of us are preparing to intervene. We mean rewrite it! July 29, , 1: Demolitia Way to go Hal, being jailed twice in a month is something to be proud of. Let it out, man. I look forward to seeing where you take this in the future Coelasquid.

A disturbing expose on the fiscal backing of Harold C. They also found out that overall, he made more money from donations then he did from subscribers.

He began by trying to compliment Anonymous for their ability to gain entry to seckret dox. Of course, Hal Turner can't have that! Hal threatens people's lives on his website, promising imminent bodily harm, and admits to committing such crimes in the past. It's often known to be done at random.

I knew early-on that I had to suffer the slings and arrows of spirited public villification and I was prepared for that too. I will continue to provide web site hosting of controversial web sites through PrivateWebHosting.

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As far as we can tell, it would seem Anonymous raped him into going back into a free service, so that they can hear our own prank calls Live from metropolitan New York City every Wednesday evening from 9: The Offender. Love the lighting in the 6th and 7th panels!

Using your lazer too much will result in of course,destruction decrease in lazer power,effectiveness,accuracy, and volume. July 26, , 4: It just took a laserfish to the face to learn it….

Pop in the age of the atomic bomb

Yes you are. Fish, everything looks like Gakt. I am not certain where to go from here. Meanwhile in a spectacular broadcast of too much information the world at large , VNN member and boytaur Yankee Jim expressed his desire to "Go to YouTube one day and see a couple of these jackasses getting beaten repeatedly, over and over and over again with oil soaked oak table legs. Upon firing teh lazor, you will experience a fantasy land of pillowy mounds of mashed potatoes.

July 12, , 5: Alex Elsayed. Turner "punt" a small dog from his front lawn onto his patio. God you are a a stupid fucking fag.

Urban Dictionary: shoop da whoop

Man clown Ok, you brought this on yourself! Lasers originated from the eyes of Lenin when he first heard of Marxism, thus literally sparking the Russian Revolution. These judges deserve to be killed. That's right.