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Evening stars are Neptune, Venus, Mars and Uranus. January 21st, is One-Liners Day.

The total lunar eclipse of January 20-21

This zodiac flower is advised to be used for gifts and decorations. This is relevant for extrovert natives who are attention-seeking and unsecretive. New Year's Day is just the first of many special days and observances in January that can provide you with ideas for learning and fun to share with your child or classroom. Post to Cancel.

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January 9 National Apricot Day. Related " ". In , a report from three former war-crimes prosecutors said they found evidence of widespread killings and torture by forces of the government of Syria. Charges dropped against Kansas waterpark officials.

Benny Hill was an English comedian, actor and singer, best known for his TV series The Benny Hill Show which was one of a kind love it or hate it was very different to anything else and stands out for a quirky british humour that many still love and enjoy.

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Symbolic metal. National Quinoa Da y January He later became president of the Confederate States of America. Another gemstone considered lucky for Aquarius natives is Amber. January 28 National Blueberry Pancake Day. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Sexual , spiritual and intelligent, these fun-loving men and women seem to have it all -- and on their terms. Amethyst is said to boost general healing and sooth headaches and arthritis. National Fig Newton Day January This decan is strongly influenced by the planet Uranus.

Rate personality info: See our Tea Glossary. They always have their words, but imagine when this eloquence is combined with passion. January 21st, is World Religion Day.

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Does the information on January 21 zodiac describe you? Blue-green suggests security and maturity and in some cultures is associated to friendship. Main Page.