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The train is named as Janshatabdi Express. It leaves Patna at on day 1 and reaches Kolkata at on day takes 7 hrs 40 mins to reach from .

Name: Date: Class: Unit 4: Coordinate Geometry - Test Questions 1 – 4: Lesson 1 : Parallel and Perpendicular Lines 1. Given A(5, 2), B(-1, 4), and C(6, -5).

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the history of English wine - grape-growing and wine-making in England and Wales.

In biology, trinomial nomenclature refers to names for taxa below the rank of species. These names have three parts. The usage is different in zoology and.

Socialism in India is a political movement founded early in the 20th century, as a part of the In , with Lotvala's help, Dange launched the English weekly, Socialist, the first Indian Marxist journal. Regarding the political situation The congress removed the term 'bourgeois-democratic' in what became the 8th condition.