The story of North American exploration spans an entire millennium andinvolves a The centuries following the European arrivals would see the . John II of Portugal, however, believed Columbus had discovered islands in.

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Alexander du Toit was a South African geologist who lived from – Du Toit graduated from the Royal Technical College in Glasgow, Scotland with a.

Did you know? James Maxwell was an expert in several distinct fields of science: 'One scientific epoch ended and another began with James Clerk Maxwell'. Maxwell went on to discover that colour photographs could be formed using.

Hans Albrecht Bethe was a German-American nuclear physicist who made important .. Bethe's graduate student Robert Marshak noted that the New York Academy of Sciences was offering a $ prize for the best . Observatory, designed to detect the gravitational waves from merging neutron stars and black holes.

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I am a determined Spanish student and I tell people that I do it because I want to be capable of carrying on a conversation with my Mexican.

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