Learn about the Hebrew name maya. Find information about the Hebrew name History, Biblical reference and more.

In Judaism the day begins at nightfall, so before we can return the exact date of your Jewish birthday we need to determine what time of day you were born.

Snakes are good actors. The baby brown snake, or Storeria dekayi, will freeze if approached by a menacing predator—or scientist intent on a.

1) "SheElohim yevarach otha" which means may god bless you. Notice Hashem and Elohim are both Hebrew terms to describe God.

When we pray we talk to God When we read the bible, God talks to us. @ THEGOSPLEMARK from Instagram tagged as God Meme.

Amen is a word that came to English from Latin, which got it from Greek, which got it from Aramaic, which got it from Hebrew (technically.

More info about the name "Shania". Shania originates in Ojibwa language and means "I'm on my way". This explanation specifically refers to a popular.

Four rakat fardh of Late Evening Prayer. After that, we start to recite first "Subhanaka"; after Subhanaka we say:"Audhu billahi min-ash-shayta -nir-rajeem Bismillah-ir-Rahman-ir-raheem" and recite Surah Al Fatiha. Thus we have finished performing the four rakats fardh of the Salat.

I sing for you, so you can find your way home. / I pray for you. / And I breathe aside my impurities, / But I can't take your insecurities. / If you trust, then trust me.

A new lawsuit claims that Hebrew National hot dogs, which have been kosher certified for decades, are not kosher.