History of the Sniper

Semi-Automatic Service Rifle. The U. The next major conflict that American troops were involved in was Korea. Krause Publications.

He may wait for hours or days to get a shot at his target. Christopher Pledger. This also allows the user to see farther. This weapon looked strange, and could be clumsy in use, but offered good magnification and therefore improved accuracy in the trenches.

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The preferred sniper cartridge in Russia is another. German snipers often infiltrated Allied lines and sometimes when the front-lines moved, they continued to fight from their sniping positions, refusing to surrender until their rations and munitions were exhausted.

Land says the rifles were never chosen for accuracy as were the Marine Model s, although many shot well.

Popenker, Max There is a lot of discussion about the term and its origin. The Whitworth rifle was capable of hitting the target at a range of 2, yards. August, Whenever Maj. Self-Loading, Semi-Automatic Rifle. The Whitworth rifle was arguably the first long-range sniper rifle in the world.

The rigorous training programs ensured the accumulated knowledge, gained from combat experience, would be preserved and ready when it was needed.

A History of the Military Sniper. Archived from the original on July 10, Marine Corps set theirs up first at Quantico, Va. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Sniper rifles.

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Land found himself without formal orders, standing before the First Division commanding general, Gen. Not even close. Fred Fees, who had been a forward air controller, but became a sniper after picking up his rifle in the field. The most popular military sniper rifles in terms of numbers in service are chambered for 7. Designed by Sir Joseph Whitworth, a prominent British engineer, it used polygonal rifling instead, which meant that the projectile did not have to bite into grooves as was done with conventional rifling.