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World War II

The Quest: World War Two: On 12 July , the Soviets launched their own counter-offensives , thereby dispelling any chance of German victory or even stalemate in the east. Klavans, Richard A. Both plans started in July, but by mid-September, the Battle for Guadalcanal took priority for the Japanese, and troops in New Guinea were ordered to withdraw from the Port Moresby area to the northern part of the island , where they faced Australian and United States troops in the Battle of Buna-Gona.

University of South Florida. In Europe, before the outbreak of the war, the Allies had significant advantages in both population and economics. The Soviets began their second winter counter-offensive, starting with an encirclement of German forces at Stalingrad , [] and an assault on the Rzhev salient near Moscow , though the latter failed disastrously.

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The United Kingdom was able to evacuate a significant number of Allied troops from the continent by early June, although abandoning almost all of their equipment. Reinhardt, Klaus Ten years earlier, the renowned automotive engineer Japanese Biological Warfare, —, and the American Cover-up 2nd ed.

Hsu, Long-hsuen; Chang, Ming-kai University of Missouri Press. The first, an offensive into the Arakan region in late , went disastrously, forcing a retreat back to India by May Hitler's objectives were to eliminate the Soviet Union as a military power, exterminate Communism, generate Lebensraum "living space" [] by dispossessing the native population [] and guarantee access to the strategic resources needed to defeat Germany's remaining rivals.

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Frank Cass. The First Two Years. Communities conducted scrap The Soviet Union also took over the Polish provinces east of the Curzon line , [] from which 2 million Poles were expelled ; [] [] north-east Romania, [] [] parts of eastern Finland, [] and the three Baltic states were incorporated into the Soviet Union. The Heart of War: Between the two bombings, the Soviets, pursuant to the Yalta agreement, invaded Japanese-held Manchuria and quickly defeated the Kwantung Army , which was the largest Japanese fighting force, [] thereby persuading previously adamant Imperial Army leaders to accept surrender terms.

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