Breaking Down a Whole Salmon

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How to Fillet a Salmon, Pictures, Instructional

Learn to cook like a professional chef. Did you like it?

More recipe ideas Cheap eats Courses Slow cooker Cheap cut see more You pick off all the nice meat from the heat, especially the cheeks. Touching it too much Shutterstock. Some cooking methods, like poaching or wrapping in foil, are safer than others, but no matter how you apply the heat, there's only one result if you do it for too long. Use too much, and it's all too easy to make the fish dry and tough.

When you buy a piece of salmon from the fishmonger, and especially if you're not paying attention, there's a good chance you will miss the fact that even though most of the major bones have already been removed, there are still a bunch of throat-spiking pin bones remaining.

How to skin and fillet a flatfish

Those tiny white points are pin bones lined up and ready to be plucked. The last step of the process is to remove the set of bones that were cut through during the filleting process. If you don't season the water, then any seasoning you applied before cooking will probably get washed off and completely diluted, leaving you with a moist, clean, plain, boring dinner. Fresh and unfrozen is always going to be the first choice at the fishmonger, but if you live any distance from the ocean or are shopping out of season, there's a good chance those options may be mutually exclusive.

Start just behind the head and begin to cut toward the tail with the knife blade in contact with the vertebral column and at a slight incline to cut as much meat as possible along the back.

How To Easily Remove Pin Bones From Salmon Allrecipes

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It's inexpensive to create, can be made with all sorts of leftovers, and is outstanding to eat for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. A well-prepared dish of zoodles with sauce is beautiful and tasty, but let's get real, it doesn't fill you up. You can remove the skin if you like.

Removing Pin Bones from Salmon

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