1915: The Glasgow rent strike

Click here for the guide. The rent strike was the response.

Red Clydeside and The Battle of George Square Hist Env Scotland

You may like. Other government initiatives followed, the most important of which were the setting up of the Committee on Production on 4 February , which became a major force in labour matters, and the Treasury Conference of March The government was terrified by the rising working class radicalisation, and gave in to the demands of the strikers, ordering the sheriff to drop the charges.

Rameau Subject Headings. The Clydeside dilution strikes, along with rent strikes arising from overcrowding and high rents in munitions areas, became a feature of Communist Party history.

1915: Glasgow Rent Strike

The success of the UK rent strikes was interlinked with the power of workers to withdraw their labour from the War-drive industries in solidarity with their communities.

Fogelson shuns direct comparisons between the rent-control wars of the s and any current housing issues in New York. Mary Barbour had a talent for organisation and set up tenants committees and also co-ordinated eviction resistance.

To look at photos of how areas such as Derby, Somerset and Lincolnshire looked during the war, click here.

Many women moved away from domestic service, textiles and clothing to transport, national and local government, banking and insurance, engineering and agriculture. June 10, RSS Feed. This clip is from.

Mary Barbour & Rent Strike 1915

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Labour was also affected by powers over wages among the provisions of the Corn Production Act of , which like the Munitions of War Act was of much wider scope than its title suggests. In Britain, trade unions became involved in helping the war effort at all levels, from the Trades Union Congress TUC to local trades councils. The war created deep fissures in the Liberal Party, which were not repaired in If this was not done, they said, then a general strike was to be called for 22nd November.

War, law, and labour.

McKibbin, Ross: Singer Manufacturing Company, Clydebank, Glasgow, License This text is licensed under: Press Inquiries Share. Winter, Jay: The rent increase had been called for by the Leeds branch of the Property Owners Association. Hill became a powerful martyr for the IWW cause by telegramming his comrades with a famous last-minute message: If it's your first time on the site, or you're looking for something specific, it can be difficult to know where to start.