Overheating due to the "old" thermal paste...

More paste does not mean it will keep it cooler. Since nobody had replied to this years old comment, yes - of course - using compressed air fairly regularly to clean dust can save a fan, sure If it's not solidified.

Ever Blooming Mechanical Tulip. Hardware Components and Aftermarket Upgrades. I have the same Acer Aspire in your photos, and I think its about time to change my thermal paste. Apparently in your laptop thermal grease dried out and glued the heatsink to the CPU. The "pea", however, has to be put under great pressure to spread across the surface, and is less likely to keep the entire surface in good contact.

What type of thermal paste is recommended? Thank you for your feedback! Make sure to cover the entire surface that will be in contact with the processor, and ensure that you do not apply the paste too thick. Apply a small drop of new thermal grease on the top of the processor.

Reply 1 year ago. Learn more. Boot the system altogether. By any chance this discussion is still active?

5 Cooling Solutions to Prevent Your PC From Overheating

I'm saying this particular Turion processor in my notebook was probably faulty and runs at a higher idling temperature than normal. Need type name and where available for purchase. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere. Water and oils, as well as any other conducting liquids, should never be used. When you disassemble your laptop, compare thermal grease on both chips. Personally that pea sized amount doesn't look nearly enough for my liking.

Overheating due to the "old" thermal paste NotebookReview

With both types of coolers, you need to make sure you're not applying too much paste. Now it was dry and powderish.

My CPU often shuts off.