Way to Get Amaryllis to Re-bloom

I'm not in a rush, but I do want to give them the best chance to bloom if its possible- we did have a really strong summer in terms of me taking care of them properly and the bulbs fattening in gratitude.

It doesn't matter; you have to bring the plants back inside before it gets too cold outside. Amaryllis , Bulbs , Hippeastrum , Houseplants. Maybe if I had a memory I'd know if the bulbs used to have leaves.

There's a lot to see here.

How to Get Your Amaryllis to Flower

Water sparingly until you see about 2" of new growth. Rated this article: How do I give the bulbs their rest period? I'd like to encourage you to keep the plants growing for another show next year, and also explain what to do when your plant goes dormant. That was the whole process. You can place your plant outdoors for summer, if you like, in partial shade.

It is so complete that I am going to print the care information and give it to all the people that I have given an Amaryllis to. Post Comments Atom.

Maggie Moran. BO Bonnie Osment Jun 12, In Maine my amaryllis helped me get through the snowy winters! This article was originally published on October 12, I put them all in the garage sometime in September not sure when and they are still there.

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Chill Times for Bulbs: Flower colors go from white to deep red and include some eye-catching striped varieties. A support stake is handy for keeping the blooms upright, but little else is required. If I have bulbs I store in the fridge, I just bring them out any time between weeks, a few at a time, pot them up and move to a warm spot.

Then be patient, because now is when you can set up your perfect timing schedule. Your comments are welcome, but please be aware that authors of previously published articles ma not be able to respond to your questions.

Do not put citrus fruit in the fridge if you keep bulbs in there!