Samsung Backup PIN: Things to Do When Samsung Device Locked

Ezat says: Martin Brinkmann said on February 21, at 3: November 7, at 2: I had formated my phone but the problem i am facing is if i click message icon my phone calling key pad opens and if i click my contact icon messages are opened. Step 1: It will change the history of your data backup and will take you to the new world of modern facilities.

If your phone is stuck displaying the Samsung logo after flashing, do this

How to solve and try to find reason of this problem. November 30, at 5: I fired up the phone in Download Mode by holding down the following buttons on restart or boot: I flashed stock to overcome being locked to telstra australias network!

Ramees Akthar said on February 15, at 2: Volume Down, Home and Power. Many Thanks for posting.

Samsung Androids: How To Format Samsung Galaxy S Duos

This is maybe not convenient at the first time, but after several moment you will be happy with this additional protections help.

It is quite possible that you forget your pattern or a kid makes multiple attempts to unlock your screen in your absence, so you must make sure you have a backup means to unlock your screen. Gmanstrauss said on May 12, at 1: Without any account, you can try to use your phone just for testing.

July 20, at 3: Sometime if we already have or install bad applications, Google or Samsung account will keep backup to cloud for that applications and setting, therefore we should try to hard reset and not login first to ignore automatic restore to your phone if the freeze problem comes from applications. If your smartphone still slow, then you may need to do hard reset with master format step above.

How does it work? About gHacks Ghacks is a technology news blog that was founded in by Martin Brinkmann. Even then, all the content may not be backed up. October 12, at Netanel I never had to try anything different as the procedure worked in my case.

November 24, at 6: Frank said on January 19, at 5: Follow these steps to download the latest software update for your samsung gtsbk galaxy s duos.