The bearing pad is pivotally mounted in the shackle by means of a shaft and bushing assembly Strong, brand new and reliable. However, if the axles are more widely spaced, the load is imposed on a comparatively larger portion of the roadway. Massive March Sale. Neat caravan with bunk beds fitted for kids.

This setup allows the axle shaft to be the means of propulsion, and also support the weight of the vehicle [4].

The dead axles can still be lifted by the press of a button if needed, for better maneuverability. Strictly speaking, a shaft which rotates with the wheel, being either bolted or splined in fixed relation to it, is called an axle or axle shaft.

On cars and trucks, several senses of the word axle occur in casual usage, referring to the shaft itself, its housing, or simply any transverse pair of wheels. The registration fee for a truck, truck tractor or farm vehicle weighing more than 3, kg is calculated based on the number of axles on the vehicle and the trailer it pulls. Finally, they must drive through another maze of rocks before they reach the finish. This action causes the greatly unequal moments about the center pivot point which, in effect, puts the axle which encounters a bump at a mechanical disadvantage as it tries to rotate the equalizing mechanism and evenly distribute its load with the other axle.

This produces a downward thrust on the front end of the-rear spring 11a through the equalizer arm Price -. Straight axles are used on trains that is, locomotives and railway wagons , for the rear axles of commercial trucks, and on heavy duty off-road vehicles.

R 31, They may be attached to the vehicle frame or body, or integral in a transaxle. This is recognized by the various States in the establishment of legal minimum spacings for tandem axles for a specified load, and further, in many States, by the allowance of increased legal axle loading for tandem-truck combinations having widely spaced axles. The arms 40 and 41 of the crank project from the forward and rear sides of the pivotal support shaft The crank 55 includes the upper arm portion 60 projecting forwardly of the pivot point 58 at a different angle.

US3833236A - Equalized suspension system for a tandem axle vehicle - Google Patents

However, the rear end 10a of the spring is also moved upwardly, and as a result clockwise movement is imparted to the equalizer crank 55, and the arm 57 thereof exerts a tension on the link 65 tending to pull the link 65 forward.

Double Axle is a monster truck racing game created by Taito in It will be appreciated, of course, that although a particular embodiment of the invention has been shown and described, modifications may be made. The forward end 11a of the spring 11 is supported in a shackle , which in turn,is pivotally supported on the end of the arm 41 by a shaft and bushing assembly similar to that described in conjunction with the bracket Look at the vehicle and its trailer from the side.

Lift axles were in use in the early s. It feels great to get off the phone with someone who seems satisfied.

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Follow Us. Furthermore, desired variations in axle spacing require the production of a specific beam for a particular axle spacing. What service do you need help with? See also: However, interior combinations of axles, such as the "tractor bridge" axles 1, 2, and 3 and "trailer bridge" axles 2, 3, 4, and 5 , must also comply with weights computed by the Bridge Formula Figure 3. The springs are disposed as front and rear springs on each side of the vehicle frame, and are connected at their midpoints to the related axles.

A non-driving axle, such as the front beam axle in heavy duty trucks and some two-wheel drive light trucks and vans, will have no shaft, and serves only as a suspension and steering component.