9 Styles to tie a Sarong You will definitely love

Feel free to accessorize with reckless abandon - togas are nothing if not tacky, so play it up! Wear undergarments. The toga will start under your armpits and land wherever you want it to. Put on a white tube top and a pair of matching white shorts. How much, or little, of your legs you cover, depends on what you want. Awesome picture!

You can either tie the knot at your sternum for a classic shawl look, or move the knot to your shoulder for a fashionable asymmetrical look.

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In this Article: Wear a strapless top or slip underneath with shorts, and secure the toga to this attire with safety pins. Hold the sheet in front of you. A Anonymous Apr 15, They are great accessories with shorts and shirts!

Sarongs are the perfect accessories for a day at the beach beyond any doubt. White is the most popular color for togas, but if you don't like to wear white, you could try an off-white color, such as ivory or pale gold.

Not Helpful 4 Helpful From behind, bring your arms and the fabric forward under your armpits to the front. Choose a rope that is about the thickness of a pen or pencil.

This time, fold the bed sheet in half lengthwise until you get the length you want. Greek men wore togas, and Greek women wore chitons and tunics. Take one end of your sheet and drape a few feet of it back to front over your left shoulder. Then, point down, wrap the longer edge of your triangle around your waist and tie at the hip. However, because of the elasticized edges that allow it to cling to a mattress, a fitted sheet isn't the best choice when wrapping a toga. Actually, a toga wrapped this way doesn't necessarily need any pins.

Hold your sarong horizontally in your back first.

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A Anonymous Feb 14, Definitely not! Let the knot to rest on the hip for a neat get up. I want to be Poseidon for Halloween and I decided to learn how to make a toga. Latest posts by Hiren see all. Your order will arrive between Monday - Friday.

Bring the remaining fabric to the front and pull the top corner over your far shoulder to tie with the corner in the center of your back.

Getting the toga dress look is simple with a tabular sarong. All articles go through an editorial process that includes subject matter guidelines, plagiarism review, fact-checking, and other steps in an effort to provide reliable information.

Make sure that it is solid-colored! Take the long end of the sheet and wrap it diagonally across your chest and under you right arm.