How Do I Insert an Okina in Microsoft Word?

How Do I Insert an Okina in Microsoft Word?

I make it my language of choice. The Music and Its Message: HistoricHawaii T English Keyboard Plugin. Wordmap beta Word visualization. Examples Because there are only 12 letters in the Hawaiian alphabet, the ' okina used to represent a glottal stop is considered to be a consonant. It is an entirely English word that does not appear in the native language. Profile Join. Realize this post won't last long, but I hope the folks who could use this advice have a chance to read it.

Simple Odia Oriya Calendar. Mac OS Unlike Molokai. Are you sure to delete your answer? English dictionary plugin for Multiling O Keyboard.

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This, and the other conventions mentioned here, apply even when using proper names in completely Hawaiian text. How satisfied are you with this response? Are they important? Account Options Sign in.

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Print out this page, cut out the above table and post it alongside your computer for easy reference. The Hawaiian language Hawaiian: Latest version: At this point, because I am writing a book with numerous Hawaiian words being used, I, while still in the Proofing feature, and while I still have the word in Clipboard, click on the Custom Dictionaries box in the middle of the Proofing page then, under "All Languages" click on the Hawaiian.

DO NOT use the row of number keys above the alphabet keys; they will not work for this purpose. Click "Shortcut Key.

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