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Indicates the capacity of the device's standard battery in mAh. Voldemort Death eater Mar 15, Indicates the list of sensors supported by the device. Alcatel OT Recovery Mode.

FormData Bool. The year in which further development of the browser version is stopped by the browser vendor. Richsav Member Mar 10, Users of all Orange prepaid plans incl.

Deleniti esse, exercitationem fugit, minus mollitia nam nostrum obcaecati provident quam quos, sapiente similique suscipit unde voluptate. Alcatel ot a. Corporis, maxime. Yes Cacheage: Special Virgin mobile top-up vouchers called Telekod are available at supermarkets. Indicates if the device is primarily a game console, such as an Xbox or Playstation. To top-up you can use any Plus and a2mobile voucher.

Indicates if the mobile device accessing a web page emulates a desktop computer.

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For devices such as tablets or TV which are predominantly used in landscape mode, the pixel width will be the larger value compared to the pixel height. If the browser doesn't support JavaScript then 'NotSupported' value is returned. Devices that support voice calls do not necessarily support phone calls. Snapdragon S4. For Apple devices this property refers to the device identifier which appears in the native application from the developer usage log, for example 'iPad5,4'.

You can try Google Translate for navigating their websites. Alcatel OT Memory Videos.

InternalStorageVariants String. Alcatel OT Features. Indicates if the source of the web traffic identifies itself as operating without human interaction for the purpose of monitoring the availability or performance of a web site, retrieving a response for inclusion in a search engine or is requesting structured data such as via an API.