Remembering when the New York Knicks rocked the Garden

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However, in the playoffs , the Knicks failed to advance to the semifinals for the first time in ten years, as they were beaten by the 5th-seeded Raptors in five games after taking a 2โ€”1 series lead. In the season, Ewing injured his wrist and missed most of the regular season.

Charlie Ward was suspended for both games for his role in the brawl. Jackson was not brought in to install a system so much as he was to instill the same sense of purpose, clarity, and daring that MSG had during his playing days.

Isiah Thomas was the general manager for about a week before landing the Knicks first superstar player in years. Rambis has tapped directly into Jackson's Triangle id. I go back to their second-round series against the Pacers in as the last time I can remember having hope. Contact us: Camby was one of the best defensive players of his era and could be an absolute menace in the paint.

Marcus Camby He's still active and on the Rocket's roster in his sixteenth season. Jonathan Bender Ex-phenom limped out a few games for the Knicks in Reggie Miller's career has taken a Finals turn.

Papa Zen used to be a bit more pragmatic about the Triangle. Unfortunately for the Knicks, Van Gundy had already substituted out his regulars, who responded out of reaction by running on to the court to stop the fight.

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But how Jackson and Fisher want to move forward with these offensive concepts will inform their decision making this summer as well. Phil Jackson may very well shock basketball observers again, in the same encouraging way he did by picking Porzingis on Draft Day last year, and choose someone from outside La famiglia triangolo, like Blatt. I will also name a sixth man as well because there is one Knick that deserves to be recognized more than any other player. It was a glorious beginning; Marbury averaged Atlanta Hawks.

Jordan Hill Traded to Houston for salary-cap space, now with the Lakers, somehow. It'll be much easier said than done.

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Larry Hughes Knicks were the sixth of the seven teams Hughes has played for. Comment required. Stephon Marbury Andy Rautins Lives on in the hearts of all of us and in the locker of Landry Fields. It was under Jackson that the Knicks staged one of the greatest comebacks in franchise history. Next Slide. Kurt Thomas Again, Marcus Camby was a much better player, but were going to acknowledge that Thomas was actually around for 7 seasons with the Knicks during this time period.