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It has been rumoured that Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe has teamed up with extremist Buddhist groups to support the Rajapaksa camp to drive away the Muslim votes from the current administration by his actions as a Government Minister, implying that the Government of President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe is sympathetic to Buddhist extremism.

Instead of arresting Gnanasara who threatened to kill and cause mayhem they arrest those Gnanasara has targeted. They take over this place. A national will be, must be, should be, sent to prison. What is the percentage of Muslims who have their own businesses, who are dirt poor? And I urge you should learn an English word before using it. While demographic, social attitudes, expansion of the economy and outward labour emigration are contributing to the shortfall. They make us feel that their faith is like ours, that there is nothing wrong if they too pray there.

First learn semiotics before giving advise to people about meanings. Facebook Tweet. He is also sympathetic to the other extremist Buddhist monk in Batticaloa, Ampitiye Sumana Thero who has been charged for pirating electricity who is on a rampage against the Tamils in the area, publicly threatening Government officials with death.

Refer to lion mating humans, the printers of Mahawaham, and request them to amend it to: This is going to be a violent wave- perhaps even more dangerous than the tsunami monster waves.

Police Arrests Thawheed Jamath Secretary Razick, After Gnanasara’s Ultimatum

Times ahead of us will show and prove how these and other men would meet with real grievances of the people of the areas. Directly or indirectly, you have pushed Muslims to do businesses, and fortunately, they do it better. Being the Justice and Buddha Sasana Minister, he shamelessly declared that a Muslim had forged the deeds of a temple in the Batticaloa District and sold it to a Tamil who had destroyed a chaitiya. Anyway what do you want RW and Mr Sirisena to do if these dangerous suicide willing men and women threaten that way as heard last night.

Like this boy on the picture, has no whatsoever knoweldge on buddhism -but he has come forward to challenge the buddhists. This is the reason you hate Muslims? His charge of cannibalism by Lord Buddha and ridiculing the Triple Gem to mean just three stones landed him in Court based on a complaint filed by Ven.

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In the same manner, that man in Batticalo -Mad monk, and then colombo Ghanasara are both lack of so many things. Only through awareness programs, we can solve the problem. Muslim Parliamentarians from the Government benches where Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe sits tore his accusations to pieces, implying that he was lying in support of a political agenda against the Yahapalanaya.

Generally a lack of interest in ce. We may remove hyperlinks within comments. All the content on this website is copyright protected and can be reproduced only by giving the due courtesy to 'ft. Galagode Aththe Gnanasara Thero targeting the Muslim community of destroying Buddhist archaeological sites and trespassing in archaeological reserves. We cannot let this fairy tale continue.

Sorry Sumane, what happened is the thing once in while happens in Jaffna weddings. Under Mahawamsham, everybody should use Oxford dictionary?