The 100 Most Beautiful College Campuses In America

The Amazing Buzz. Did your thumb jump 3 times the length of the object? The school was originally established as the Territorial University of Washington in Many of the buildings at the University of Colorado Boulder owe their distinctive appearance to Charles Klauder.

Ireland’s Visually Stunning Giant’s Causeway

Elsewhere, the well-liked Erdman Hall dates back to Originally designed by Philadelphian architect Addison Hutton, the first Parrish Hall unfortunately perished in a fire in Try to keep your head and arm perfectly still. Meanwhile, important architect Ralph Adams Cram conceived various of the magnificent buildings. Indiana University was originally founded in as the State Seminary and was re-chartered 18 years later.

At the bottom of that line is approximately 25 pounds of weight; at the other end is about three times that amount. It switched locations to Macon in Completed in , the center attracts the eye with its distinctive, squat red brick sections.

The Most Beautiful College Campuses In America - Best College Reviews

This green space bursts with fields, woods and wetlands and contains trails ideal for those with a taste for walking through lovely natural areas. Aim your arm toward the object, and try to keep it as straight as possible.

Staten Island liberal arts school Wagner College has Collegiate Gothic architecture to arguably rival that of the Ivy League institutions. The acre campus in addition enjoys panoramic views of New York Harbor.

Olaf student has used their sap to make maple syrup. Perhaps one of the most striking buildings is the Richard B. The University of Cincinnati began life as the Cincinnati College and the Medical College of Ohio in , getting chartered in and relocating to its current campus in the Heights area of Cincinnati in These structures, along with much of the rest of the site, were the work of Los Angeles architect William Pereira. Moe went on to praise the Newport, Rhode Island-based University for its efforts in preserving the magnificent historic buildings that dot its verdant acre grounds.

Ireland's Visually Stunning Giant's Causeway

Share This Story. Easy enough, and from a few quick tests with known distances, it appears to be accurate enough for ballpark figures. The university itself was set up in in Los Angeles, where it still resides.

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Estimate Distances with Your Arm and This Rule of Thumb

Now multiply that figure by the handy constant 10 the ratio of the length of your arm to the distance between your eyes , and you get the distance between you and the barn — 5, feet, or about one mile. Because of that, they think they can dive without the direct supervision of a buddy.

Haverford College was set up as an exclusively male institution in but formally went co-educational in The campus of Rice University may be relatively diminutive at only acres, but what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in lush green expanses and stunning wooded areas.