How to Use the History Brush Tool in Photoshop CS6

The rest of this guide will introduce you to the basic selection tools in Photoshop CS6, provide step-by-step instructions to remove a background using the Magic Wand and Quick Selection tools, and how to troubleshoot potential problems when removing a background with this method. In this step, you will select the remaining details of your background that you may have missed in Step 6. New Selection: By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy.

It's also supported for newer operating systems, whereas older versions aren't. Most of the built-in workspaces are designed to help you perform specialized tasks.

Photoshop Tutorial: Saving files in Photoshop CS6

You can deregister a product key too, so if you ever need to transfer your copy to another computer, you can. This is the native Photoshop file format, and retains the most usable data without a loss in image quality. Straight from the factory, Photoshop is set to display a dialog box each time you save a file that asks if you want to save the image for maximum compatibility with PSD and PSB files the native Photoshop format and the format for really big files, respectively; see File Formats ; doing so improves the chances that your files can be understood by other programs like Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress.

Grab the History Brush by pressing Y. The other option, is to buy a copy directly from Adobe. This field is automatically set to 10, but feel free to change it if you frequently need to reopen the same documents. To rearrange panels within a group, drag their tabs circled left or right.

Closely related to the Marquee tool is the Lasso tool. Note The Art History Brush works similarly, but it adds bizarre, stylized effects as it returns your image to a previous state, as shown in the box on The Art History Brush. For example, you may change the color of an object only to decide later that it looked better the way it was.

Adobe Photoshop Elements Click on that, and select a brush as shown.

40 Detailed Tutorials for Mastering Adobe Photoshop

Useful to generate a single, new selection. See available Photoshop Classes and learn from the expert instructors at American Graphics Institute. Open a document. Instead of sending the entire image back in time, you can use this brush to paint edits away selectively , revealing the previous state of your choosing. The tiny dotted line above each button is its handle; click and drag one to reposition the panel in the column, add the panel to a panel group, and so on.

Can you tell us which parts were out of date so we can update them? Adobe Photoshop is the good Application. Navigate to the ps04lessons folder and double-click to open the file you saved.

See our Photoshop Classes and learn from the expert instructors at American Graphics Institute in small classes or through private training. You can undock a whole panel group in nearly the same way: The Crop Tool in Photoshop includes lots of major enhancements to make it work even better.

Method 3. So why just not use it?