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The Day of the Doctor: 10 things we learned Television & radio The Guardian

How would making the scripts digital-only prevent leaks? If I remember correctly the original leaker said something like he was told the outline over the phone which would make sense why it sounded like a outline while others who followed him said they had the script, some altered what he said claiming they had the script, some people even made up a script in writing and posted it lol.

And - extra bonus points - here were special effects-laden action sequences where you could easily make out just what was going on. Too bad the photos aren't closer up, but Matt looks like he's got nothing to be ashamed of.

They have all the same freaking personality fiesty and flirty , and are erratic, arrogant and smug. Matt Smith is already famous and doesn't need publicity, and he didn't release these photos himself. He's never moved to Hollywood or been interested in an American film career like Tennant. One we actually managed to predict for a change, and one some on the internet elected to spoil in advance we keep getting told off for moaning about that, but can't help but feel it's a shame in this particular instance.

One… two…. Celebrations and anticipations for the 50 th Anniversary episode of Doctor Who are running high this week.

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Any truth to David and that mysterious Sarah girl? I couldn' t stand her, but I know I' m in the minority. I'm not too bothered. Quite big dick.

The Day of the Doctor: 10 things we learned

Cocky fucker. R24, life is not that black and white. Perhaps he only wanted to do the one season because of the high demands on the role. Progress Indicator.

In the meantime, we've now seen every regeneration to date, courtesy of this, and The Night Of The Doctor prequel earlier in the week. And yet somebody posted the outline of the entire season even before filming had really begun, which suggests a leak at a fairly high position. How did that happen? One of the original companions, Barbara Wright Jacqueline Hill , was an intelligent history teacher, and she frequently had strong arguments with the First Doctor William Hartnell.


Everything is obviously possible but that doesn't seem that likely. Dolorous Bread ,. Apart from Davison? How did you arrive at this conclusion? They look like they're having fun. Smith is one of the least sexy human beings alive, and the least sexy "Doctor Who" actor since Patrick Troughton. And as was already explained to you, it was probably Daisy Lowe that was being targeted.