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Actually both ratings are possible. As can be seen from the above, a candela rating is very dependant on the focus of the beam and can be artifically made to look higher.

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Enter your e-mail address and we'll send you a code to reset your password. Quick Quote Form. But the candela value of a lighting device is concerned primarily with a focused beam of light. Watts are a measure of energy consumption. More confusion to be found here lumens. Housing Color Black Chrome A steridian is a measure of solid angle imagine a cone, where the lamp is at the tip.

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As a consumer, can you really understand what it means to purchase a watt CFL or incandescent bulb against a 12 lumens LED? Candles Photometry Units of luminous intensity Lighting Obsolete units of measurement.

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That 25 watt light bulb is equal to about lumens. Retrieved 15 February When we talked about incandescent bulbs being old fashioned and said LEDs and other options are catching on, here is what we meant:.

The materials used… HL A light with 10, candlepower means it is the same amount of light as 10, candles. Foot-Candles Vs. Industrial candlepower — 1,,Retail Candlepower: More importantly, this knowledge will ensure that your lighting supplier does not cheat you.

If you block half the light ie so it shines on just one half of the inside of the sphere, its candela rating is still one the focus or concentration has not changed per unit solid angle but the light output has, so it will be 6.

Lumens and watts conversion charts for your reference 1: Related Products Green Spotlight Spotlight. Online Support.

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This page was last edited on 5 November , at In such cases, you will need to concentrate on the lumens value of a lighting device. If it is emmiting 1 candela in all directions over basically a sphere , its total light output in lumens is 4pi x the candela rating, which is Jump to.

When you buy lights after comparing like parameters, you can find energy-efficient devices that not only suit your business needs but also optimize your operational investment. The compact lithium ion battery pack is recharged in 4 hours by an included VAC wall outlet plug in charging unit and provides 2.


Measuring Light Intensity. The best bike lights are ones where you know the output of the bulb the higher the lumen rating the better , and can change the beam spread.

A high candle power rating is not much use if the beam it produces is the size of a coin at 20 yards! This chart gives an idea of the equivalency of lumens to watts for replacement purposes. This light…. Let's consider some examples that compare and convert watts to lumens: