Priestess of the Sky The mysterious island proves suspect as they discover clam shells that were seen at Lamia Scale and the fish being grilled at Mermaid Heel. Azuma Fairy Tail Wizards Free members can watch the same episode six days from now on February 6th. Titania Falls The Definitive Demon Battle of Dragon Slayers Magic Singularity Wings of Flame!

However Geoffrey tells the two girls that no one must touch the Jade, giving the ominous proclamation that Magnolia will truly come to its end that predicament arises. Dragon Sense Skippable or not depends on the taste of the person watching.

Wall Galaxia Blade By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Counter Attack in the Middle of the Night MPF Hisui Rises Log in with Facebook Log in with Twitter. Ur New Guild Resign Larcade Ikusa-Tsunagi The Master Appears This was kind of a disappointment for the most part.

Story Arcs

Funimation Channel. The group members return home after the harrowing ordeal within the Tower of Heaven and find their guild rebuilt better than ever. You Have Been Warned! Laxus vs.

King of a New World The Freezing Warrior Kawazu and Yomazu Mavis later find Zera sulking by the water, which the latter states that she still is getting acclimated to being around new people. What Kind of Guild Is This Yuri, being the only one against the idea, initially denies the plan but eventually goes through on it. Michelle passes herself off as Lucy to protect her, prompting the rest of the guild to confuse the three into thinking that all of the females at Fairy Tail are Lucy so she and Michelle can escape.