Scots couple face U.S drug charges over production of 'crystal meth'

Quite apart from any question of guilt and legality, it is manifestly unfair that Americans should not be extradited while British citizens are.

Scots couple face U.S drug charges over production of 'crystal meth' - Daily Record

Alan Douglas. Nunthorpe and Marton More homeowners could soon move on to major Nunthorpe development Developer has released final phase of homes at the Millbrook development off Gypsy Lane. In the s, it was one of the backdrops chosen for spaghetti w This goes for all those links, too: After fighting extradition and denying the claims for years, both have now admitted their criminal activity. Lindsay Sandiford was arrested in May la Furthermore once extradited the evidential burden is different I have been told by my public defender in the US in favour of being found guilty.

Bo’ness mum facing jail in US over crystal meth freed

Cleveland Police The reason why seven cameras are being installed along the A66 Four of the seven cameras are already in place along the stretch of road. Then text of the post consists of the posters comments and the comment button is for you to refer us to other interesting information or just to make a comment. Knibb, 37, cooked up methamphetamine in the living room of his luxury apartment overlooking the United Nations, and Dosemeci, a Fulbright scholar, made the drug to help him study, officials said.

Enter your email address: Posted November 29, at 5: But prosecutors in Arizona have dropped 81 other charges, allowing Shanks to be released because of the seven months she spent in Cornton Vale jail on remand in While legal to sell in the UK, the chemical is classified in America as an illegal import, as it can be used in the manufacture of the drug crystal meth.

Bo’ness extradition mum awaits return from USA - Linlithgow Journal and Gazette

Our Standards: Posted September 6, at 4: Bolivia nationalized the company that runs the three largest airports in Bolivia because the government claims the company did not invest in improving the airports. The charges carry a potential jail penalty of almost years. This may include the mailing list, blog comments sections and in various sections of the Connected Internet site. Ghost town. Inside, deputies found an active drug lab with meth in various stages of the manufacturing process, Crosier said.

The guerilla plant. Trevor Loughlin. Posted by Fraser Pacheco-Trevor at This site links to independently run web sites outside of this domain.

Extradition to the US

Phil Stirling, shown here in , told U. Quebec drug kingpin Jimmy Cournoyer began forming an empire after family fell apart - Ahead of his sentencing hearing in New York State next month on charges of drug trafficking, money laundering and others, Cournoyer is arguing that the s Drug Enforcement alerts you to topics that are frequently linked to and commented upon in the world press.

District Court Costa Confidential. Send us your feedback. Nuevo Laredo: The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. From Asia to Africa, Europe to South America, citizens are finding out the hard way that drug possession or trafficking equals jail in foreign countries. In a plea agreement he confessed to knowing, or having reasonable cause to know, that some American customers buying chemicals from his companies online were misusing them for illegal purposes.

Some of us spoke out against the lop-sided extradition agreement the UK government struck with the USA. Nogales, Mexico: