DIY Gold Splatter Paint Glass Plates

This is an amazing find.

How To Use Gold Spray Paint In 10 Simple DIY Projects

It doesnt transfer onto anything if you use enough setting powder. It will wash off eventually, but after scrubbing my hands, there was still some blue tint to my test areas. This would make such a pretty gift for someone or even look stunning on my kitchen table full of beautiful flowers.

By the way, if gold is not your thing, you can use this same technique with any color of multi-surface craft paint for your own custom splatter painted plates. Piece inspired by a favourite demonstration in my new book "Paint Yourself Positive". Such a great idea to turn those boring run of the mill vases into something spectacular! I have decided I don't think its quite " me".

By the way, I haven't got bungee jumping from my list. If you have plenty of preparation time, this is a good route to go - it will take longer.

I've heard you can even sleep in this stuff if you're planning on doing the same character more than one day in a row, but I wouldn't recommend it, because I haven't done it. Does it work well with stencils. Air brushes can clog and have to be cleaned while applying.

DIY Gold Splatter Paint Glass Plates - A Beautiful Mess

You were featured on Curbly. Latex peels off rather than washing, and it can be a problem if using over large parts of your body - it's also expensive. Use tape to cover the upper portion, leave the bottom exposed so it can be painted gold.

JomiP fluffydragon Reply 2 years ago. These girls sell a couple of loose powders meant for skin coloration - some of these work great, and some do not. For updates on my exhibitions and workshops please see my web site. If using false eyelashes, apply first, before doing any other makeup - the glue that holds the eyelashes on will not stick to most paints applied to the face. Do you think this paint would work if stenciled on?

So glad that you like them! Thanks again for stopping by! There was always something far more important or urgent to do than " me" time.

A really exciting new DVD to own. Is there a good method to getting the tape on in a straight line and spaced evenly???? And copper. My book "Atmospheric Flowers in Watercolour" woke up a dormant side of me regarding experimenting. This is not something I would buy from anything but a very trustworthy company. I also understand the fumes can be very bad, and you almost must have a friend to assist depending on how much you want to cover.

Even after powdering, my arm STUCK to my side and was nearly painful to pull away from my body-amazingly, however, there was very little blue lost - it took me only a moment to touch up the areas.

Choosing, Using and Applying Body Paints

Yoga, Pilate's and Zumba. Cyndy I just love this.. It evens out freckles, but also any natural variations in skin tone.