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I don't even remember. Try to make larger combos at the start of the day. News , Rock , Videos. Happy customers mean high scores! An ecstatic customer is one with 5 hearts upon being checked out at the register. Complete all 91 events and challenges.

Paige will be waiting by the station doors. Serve a customer a complete order quickly to obtain a quick bonus. You will need to do this a total of 6 times before the end of the day to complete your goal. Remove any spare toys from your tray by clicking on them. Unlockable in Chapter 4: Children will attempt to order wine throughout the day. I'm getting like 2.

Five Finger Death Punch’s Ivan Moody Is Performing With a Broken Foot

A meter will appear over the water bucket indicating how far along the defrosting is. There are 3 items you should worry about today: They will gradually lower throughout the day. Keep an eye on the number next to both. In this spinner game you will need to spin to win!

One sec.

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Beneath the lower right corner of the Christmas tree. The two turtle doves can be found in the following locations:. Tips will automatically be added to your score, regardless of whether or not a customer was checked out as a pair. Focus on serving customers in a timely manner. See if you can hit a few home runs and strike out the other team in Home Rum Champion.

Help all the children onto the ice before the end of the day to complete the last diamond goal. Some have really common words and some have uncommon words.

I slowed down after a while though which kind of sucks: If the meter fills up completely, Mary will move especially slow for a short period of time. I got that score in I think, maybe ' There are 80 product upgrades spread across all restaurants.