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BBC NEWS Europe Living hell of Norway's 'Nazi' children

I assume my mother fell in love with a powerful military man. While the evidence has disclosed that thousands upon thousands of children were unquestionably kidnapped by other agencies or organisations and brought into Germany, the evidence has further disclosed that only a small percentage of the total number ever found their way into Lebensborn.

Hotels and villas were requisitioned and 10 Lebensborn homes were established from scratch. Gregor Ebner. Final Solution.

While Lebensborn e.

Secret Nazi ‘Lebensborn children’ go public

Subscribe to Independent Minds to bookmark this article Want to bookmark your favourite articles and stories to read or reference later? Cheap state loans were offered for parents, and there was the "Mother's Cross" medal: There, the secret police prevented him from finding his true parents.

My own reaction has helped me to understand how people in those days just put the blinders on and ignored the terrible things that were happening. Miss von Oelhafen's remarkable story is told in a new book, Hitler's Forgotten Children, co-written with Tim Tate and published by Elliott and Thompson. Discussion comments. All are Lebensborn — the "spring of life".

Nazi ‘Lebensborn children’ go public - World news - Europe NBC News

Flag comment Cancel. It was noted at the time that only a small proportion of the German fathers wanted to marry the pregnant women and bring them back to the German Reich.

The meeting was organized by a self-help group called "Traces of Life" which was set up last year to swap experiences, aid research and explode some of the myths surrounding the scheme. Create a commenting name to join the debate Submit. In northeastern Europe the organisation, in addition to services provided to SS members, engaged in the transfer of children, mostly orphans, to families in Germany.

It has been argued by the historian, Cate Haste , that in the s "most European countries stigmatized unmarried mothers as a threat to the institution of marriage". The Norwegian government recovered all but 80 of these children after the war. But it wasn't my fault I was born this way.

Lebensborn (Spring of Life)

It's almost life-threatening to them. I then went to sea, working mainly on cargo ships. Nurses ensured that the children ate everything given to them. And then that nagging question: It then expanded into several occupied European countries during the Second World War.

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It's taken me a long time to be able to say, it's OK, I'm a German child. I was born in in a Lebensborn home, where I stayed until I was adopted aged two. Walking away.

More world news. The marriage permit was only granted after an investigation by the Reich Ancestry Office and a medical examination by SS doctors. As the children of the SS men were going to be the new ruling class of Germany they had to be very careful that the women were not racially objectionable and had the right sort of physique to produce plenty of children.

Nazi Program to Breed Master Race: Lebensborn Children Break Silence

Try Independent Minds free for 14 days. It doesn't take long. The program allowed them to give birth secretly away from home without social stigma. The women had to prove that both they and the father were of Aryan stock back to their grandparents.

Founded in , Lebensborn was designed to halt the high rate of abortions in Germany which rose as high as , a year in the inter-war years because of a chronic shortage of men to marry after World War I.