Solar 101: Answers to 18 solar questions all business executives should know

Duplicate Quiz Cancel. Remove Ad. Best to choose local, naturally dried wood. Q13 — How can renewable energy technologies be compared? It can achieve temperatures up to 3, degrees Celsius.

PV pays for itself in a year, but thermal can take up to 15 years. What is the price difference between electricity from fossil fuels and that from a thin-film solar panel? Just the tiny fraction of the Sun's energy that hits the Earth around a hundredth of a millionth of a percent is enough to meet all our power needs many times over.

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Solar 101 Quiz

Good work, but we suggest you contact your local government to learn more about solar incentives. If you are looking to buy a SolarTwin System contact Genfit. Water is pumped through pipes in the panel. This means you don't need to use so much gas or electricity to heat your water at home.

So You Think You Know Solar? Prove It! (Quiz) Climate Reality

Another smaller tank, still powered by gas, is provided with most solar boiler installations as a backup. Sign In with your ProProfs account.

Who is he? There are special discounts for groups of two or more and you can check all our new prices and offers here.

Solar panels: This site uses images from www. Back to top. The renewable revolution is underway. Solar furnaces are basically huge " solar cookers ". What happens if I produce more electricity than I am using? A — Arguably. Acceleration consumes more power than constant speed, but how much more?