How to Archive WhatsApp Chats on iPhone and Android

Techtimes Know here about how to activate WhatsApp calling feature. In your WhatsApp chats tab, scroll to top and pull down the screen for search bar to appear. Method 1. Android is a trademark of Google LLC.

Moving archived messages back to your Inbox.

How To Hide a Conversation in WhatsApp

On the Chats screen, tap and hold on the Chat that you want to Archive, until it is selected and you can see a check mark appearing on it. Tap WhatsApp. Empty Trash. How to download and install on your Android By unarchiving chat, you will be able to see archived chat in WhatsApp.

How to Unarchive Gmail It Still Works

Check out a Sample here! Are you looking for buying cheap cases for iPhone? Three Methods Explained Rajesh Mishra. Confirm before deleting or archiving To avoid accidentally deleting or archiving an important message, you can turn on these settings:.

Open Whatsapp and go to the Chat thread. Beginner Intermediate Advanced. Check it out here before you start searching! Step 3. Is this article up to date? Tap "Chat Settings".

WhatsApp Archived Chats. Everything you need to know. - Dignited

How do I find the newest WhatsApp version? How do I open archived chats on my Android mobile? Check out the latest and trendy deal for iPhone cases in this post. What is the use of archived chats on WhatsApp?

This will display all of your archived conversations.