Research funding formula tweaked after REF 2014 results

Plan S: However, the metadata describing your work will be made available straightaway in Durham e-Theses.

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A particular source of criticism has been the element of the REF that addresses the "impact" of research. As mentioned above, the Stern review recommends to include all researchers, not only a selection as before. Higher education research. Skip to content.

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Read more about: The volume of research in each unit of assessment is the full time equivalent number of research active staff submitted to REF Since the percentages of eligible staff submitted in REF evaluation are significantly different in different universities, Times Higher Education also provides a research intensity ranking which considers the proportion of the eligible staff submitted [17]. Best universities in the Asia-Pacific region Find sources: Directly Incurred Costs — costs which arise from the conduct of a project, are directly charged to a project as the cash value actually spent, and are supported by an audit record, Directly incurred costs include: Two publishers, The Guardian [14] and Times Higher Education , [15] produce overall rankings of multidisciplinary universities based on power and quality GPA.

Power rankings aim to show universities with a breadth of quality, while Quality rankings aim to show the depth of quality. Peer review would become one of several tools for assessing the performance of a university as a whole.

Higher education Quality-related Research (QR) funding Department for the Economy

The fact that the indicator is also used locally, in some contexts for purposes where it is not appropriate and can do harm Aagaard, , has been accepted and followed up, not only using the advice of establishing inter-institutional learning arenas for proper managerial use of the indicator Aagaard et al. The next iteration of the REF will be in , continuing the previous assessment model of focusing on research outputs, research impact and research environment.

I am presently participating as an expert in a Mutual Learning Exercise on Performance Based Funding Systems , which involves fourteen countries and is organized by the European Commission in — Direct funding should support institutional autonomy.

An increasing trend is evident when comparing three overviews of the situation at different times Geuna and Martin, ; Hicks, ; Jonkers and Zacharewicz, Are there any RCUK-specific exceptions to the policy? Higher Education Quality-related Research QR funding QR enables the higher education institutions to conduct their own directed research, much of which is supported later by the Research Councils and others charities, the EU etc.

Organizational level evaluations have the potential of being formative. Research Evaluation ; 24 2: This is the most important forerunner of the more academic review de Rijcke et al. REF This page was last edited on 18 February , at