ES Kind code of ref document: Ref legal event code: EE Free format text: Designated state s: According to another embodiment of the invention, the fibers B based on PP, may comprise coextruded bicomponent fibers, consisting, for example, a core and an outer layer, the outer layer contains particles of carbonate of alkali earth metals, such as, for example, calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate or mixtures thereof. Then, it is subjected to a curing step.

E The use of the verbs "comprise, have or include" and their conjugated forms does not exclude the presence of other elements than those listed in the claims.

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These anchor points 28, 28 ', of which a preferred embodiment will be described below, are controlled by a fire detection means, which is adapted to cause, in case of a fire, rupture of the side anchor points of the wall 12 which is exposed to the fire. When the operation of the exchange hall and the fire wall between two independent bearing structures is no longer required and discomfort, it can also easily be removed at any time such a wall built with 12 boards resistant to fire 14, and this without damaging the metal frame of the hall.

TR Free format text: The invention aims in particular to overcome the above-mentioned drawbacks. This allows an increase in the spacing between the wall 12 and the structure carrier 16 in the order of a few centimeters, before the pin 38 will take support on the front edge of the elongated hole Wedges 15 are placed in the panel lower part to support the facing and compress the mineral wool layer.

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They may optionally further comprise a hydrophilizing agent such as an alkali metal salt of alkyl phosphate such as a sodium or potassium salt, preferably having from 8 to 18 carbon atoms.

SE Free format text: All vertical joints between the cladding tiles are located between the posts and are filled with rock wool. CZ Free format text: This type of firewall, however, presents problems when it comes to ensuring its continuity in the event of distortion or collapse of the steel frame on the side of the fire.

AL Payment date: It remains in effect even supported by fusible fasteners, which attach to the supporting structure located on the side of the firewall that is not exposed to fire.

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It will be understood that we will arrange for the caulking strip could be compressed vertically, which require, in most cases, overlaps the panel in its upper part. The frame advantageously includes holes for discharging the steam formed during the heating of the plaster of the central core through the joints between the panels.

A panel according to the invention advantageously includes a frame formed with the mineral plates glued to the edges of the sandwich structure. DED1 en.

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BG Free format text: As required, each carrier structure 16, 16' may further comprise elements of vertical and horizontal bracing not visible and stringers 26, 26 ', that is to say horizontal profiles fastened to vertical posts 18, 18' of a bearing structure 16, 16 'and serving as anchoring of the wall 12 see p. Silice amorphe amorphous silica. According to a first important aspect, vent means are provided between the central core and each layer of thermal insulation, so as to discharge the vapor formed during the heating of the plaster of the central core to the joints between the panels.

FR Free format text: A1 Designated state s: The anchoring system may also comprise a rod system adapted to occupy a first position in which it secures the at least two anchors pins in their respective holes, and a second position in which it releases these pins.