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How to beat batman? I bet for people that watch all 17 eps in one go rather than waiting week by week , the Himeko-ending is a lot more evident and you can see it coming. I feel praise is also deserved for the fact Anda is coming up with a new idea for each volume rather than sticking with the body-swapping. He is a fan of pro wrestling, and has a lot of respect for pro wrestling jobbers. She made a wise decision.

Hopefully, Iori find somebody else that loves her. Kokoro Connect which pairings do you prefer? Moved by his confession, Himeko decides to share her issues with the others and finds the others accept her. At this point in the story the girl who really deserved Taichi got with him. Iori sure has grown a lot in this arc, having to endure the final collapse of the old personality she has been projecting and struggling to maintain after many intrusions by Heartseed, she went into a shell and acted more or less like a bitch.

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The introduction of Setouchi was a bit rushed. After some encouragement by Taichi and Himeko, Iori declines his offer, saying her past mistakes have allowed her to become the person she is now.

As Taichi tells Himeko she doesn't need to change who she is to be accepted by others, he tells her a secret that he's thought of her and the other girls in a sexual manner. Maiko Fujishima. With Tachi and Himeko now dating and Iori making friends again, the gang enter the new school year with their paths ahead of them. Full-length images: Everything just felt forced and it kind of smelled like Iori underwent character derailment to pair the main protagonist with the fan favourite girl.

But he was kind. Yes No. Her time did not last long. Episode 1. But it became clear halfway through the series that if Iori and Taichi were going to get together, they already would have. Aww, another cute Nagase Scene: Yoshifumi Aoki. Man, this is awesome!