The Value of Classic Wooden Boats

You should definately get a decent boat cover once you are finished with this project so you won't have to refinish as often. He's a pro shipwright that builds the high-end wood boats for a living. I used Epifanes. Nemesis came in with transom and cabin deterioration issues. The dark is alive when you are surrounded by water. How many times have we heard that? Boat Reviews. And, on a slightly related note: Lawrence Restoration was established in and is a full-service marina, located directly across from Washington Island.

A vintage boat is only as good as its bottom, and the bottom is frequently not good even when the boat looks great above the waterline. Finger swipe on mobile. The ACBS only started judging fiberglass boats a few years ago, but the organization realizes that the next generation of members may be too far removed from the era of vintage wooden boats to find much attraction there. For Sale. Hey guys I'm not an expert, but I watched a pro do mine, he stained, varnished and then sprayed acrylic.

Nothing flatters a boat more than the glow of well-varnished wood, but to bask in that glow, someone must suffer through the process of preparing the wood and applying the varnish. Send a private message to 54bullwinkle.

How to varnish a wooden boat - Classic Boat Magazine

View Full Page Calendar. Best shop in the Geneva! I would try to do about a square foot at a time. Time and again I see people varnishing on a hot sunny day. You must be certain, however, that your top coat has sufficient UV screening to shield the epoxy, or you will discover that the negatives of this combination are cumulative. Unfortunately, varnish is your only choice if you want to protect exposed mahogany without painting it.

Sponsored Story. Some clients want to get involved in the project, hunting down parts, for example. The application instructions indicate that a complete finish could be done in only a couple of days.

The other two-part finish, a boatyard innovation, is varnish over a base coat of clear epoxy. Levelling off This is the next most important stage. As for teak, it can stand the exposure, but due to pollutants in the air, it will more likely turn black than silvery grey if not treated.

Charter Tips. Joseph, Michigan. Email this Page. Surface preparation is essential to a decent varnish job. For this reason, I recommend epoxy coating over NEW wood.

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