Creative Dessert Table Ideas to Sweeten Your Next Event

Paper lanterns, when hung in a central cluster over a table, as in the photo below left, make a very dramatic statement. When choosing an image, remember that the bottom third will probably be eclipsed by your dessert table so you need to choose one where the important parts are in the top two thirds. I am planning the AndersRuff Lego themed party for my twins….

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It comes in sections measuring 15" x 23", so approx 2ft x 1ft, and looks great with a few other decorative elements added on top, such as flowers, mirrors, framed photographs, lettering, garland banners, or even the letter balloons mentioned previously. He likes everyone to believe that only he can build such party-transforming masterpieces. A simple knot is all it takes! Mine was so big that it was a little floppy.

Custom design, decor and display of themed dessert tables for any event. You will want to measure and allow extra fabric to wrap around the polls on each side and also allow extra fabric to hang just below your table top. Thank you. Today Ania from 2 Love Birds is guest posting and shedding light on printable backdrops for dessert tables — sharing the great effect they can have and answering some common questions about them:.

Another budget-friendly option is to use paper streamers to create a dessert table backdrop. I would suggest if you are going to do something fragile like tea cups, you may want to cement in part of your PVC pipe to some 10 cans.

Join Our Facebook Group! I particularly like the picture frame design, below right, which would work really well for a milestone birthday if you filled each frame with a photo of the birthday boy or girl from different stages of their life.

DIY - Dessert table backdrop using ribbon -

Alternatively, you can do something similar with paper chains. Pick up the following materials approx. The problem? Viridian Images Photography. I also would like to know, where can I purchase Patterned butcher paper?

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Sort by Posted: A pipe and drape system is used to hang fabric like a curtain, like I did for my Wizard of Oz Party. This backdrop is busy and colourful with an equally opulent dessert table to match! The backdrop is an important element of the dessert table because it really sets the tone for your theme.

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The back looked bad, but the front was great. Both are available here.