He disappears. As an overall comment, while I am also generally negative about ETRTMS and especially ETCS L2, now that the rollout progressed in some countries, it would be nice if at least all mainlines with significant through traffic on networks with magnet-based intermittent train control systems like Germany would be switched to ETCS L1. You can visit the newly build stable and learn all about it. Fresh local products bring our dishes to life.

Air travel is inherently fast--unless we return to dirigibles and DC-3s. One of those, my lord. Any good in your mind?

European Tribune - EU High-Speed Rail - How Fast?

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Searched back in previous discussions and found this to support my view: Dignam, Patrick T. His international fame is still rising.

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Aside from the inherent insanity of monocropping your electricity supply, industrial capacity is not entirely fungible. So for functioning highspeed rail you need an industrial as opposed to financial , centralised as opposed to decentralised and not-so-corrupted as opposed to Italy power structure? Do you want to experience the real Holland? In our magazine Amsterdam Journal, you can find all different kind of cultural Events, Sightseeing, Shopping, Food and Drinks addresses and As I recall, the only difficulty was actually sleeping.

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Israel Election: There is more to the Wallen The Wallen, also known as the rosse buurt to Amsterdammers and the Red Light District to visitors is actually the oldest part of Amsterdam.

DAM 20 T: I never looked at their economics, but if it is problematic then not for lack of demand: Though, aside from economic reasons e. Especially the distances, though I don't think we'll see big differences in travel speed.

It might be long term viable in places with deserts, but fuck wasting money on it that could be used building more wind and storage. Under such circumstances it may be better to upgrade an existing line to accommodate for somewhat higher speeds as this would minimize emissions from construction and cut emissions from train traffic compared to high speed rail.

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