Help! Stem turning yellow

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My lucky bamboos stalks and leaves are turning yellow :( - Bamboo Forums

Register for an account. The time now is You should get it a bigger pot so that it can grow freely. Low light or bright light is best although with bright light I have noticed the leaves turn more yellowish green-still healthy leaves.

One of the first signs of a sick bamboo is yellowing of the leaves.

Bamboo Turning Yellow, Help! ยป Tips Diagnosing & Preventing

Apply every three months for Lucky Bamboo grown in water or every month for Lucky Bamboo grown in soil. Canada - Ontario, Beamsville Posts: Hope this information will be useful to people who are having trouble growing these..

Injury to the Stems Damage to stems may cause yellowing in the stems or leaves. The above two posts have been merged with this thread. In a few weeks, the new plant is ready to continue growing in water alone or potted in soil. About Us Meet the Artist: If planted in this mixture no chemical fertilizers are needed. Coordinate your layers of lighting to help each one of your rooms look its best and work well for you. I have twisted stalks and curly stalks.

This reduces their ability to take in fertilizers and water, even if you're feeding them on schedule and can cause stunted growth and sometimes, yellowing. Once a place for chilling milk, this Dutch home now lets the owners chill out in easygoing comfort.

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How to care for your Lucky Bamboo You may have received a lucky bamboo plant as a gift or bought one. I didn't see this mentioned, but Lucky Bamboo is not bamboo, it's a corn plant. My zucchini plants are turning yellow! Sunlight eventually causes algae to grow in water. Maple cabinets turned yellow. If you'd like to add mood-boosting plants alongside your lucky bamboo, here's a list of 10 Indoor Plants for a Healthier Office. Join the Club Already a member?

If grown in soil , keep the soil slightly moist and water when the top 1 inch of soil is dry to the touch. Holiday stylist Jon LaDow: Email Required, but never shown.

Join Date: Additionally, I replace the water in my lucky bamboo's pots once a week. Take a look at this message string to see if you can find anything that helps you:. Mark Meckes. What could it be?