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I've just sent you a PM. Every kind of PC related content is welcome here. Let's take a look. Here it is- http: Asus VXH Corsair Solid State Drives. HDD-western digital blue 1tb Additional fans at front are corsair sp 's http: Corsair has announced and is now offering SSDs without this overprovisioned space.

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Force Series™ GS GB SATA 3 6Gb/s Solid-State Hard Drive

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It looks good! Thanks for the giveaway. This is just about as legit as you can get. It's not the beefiest of rigs but I'm happy with my first build nontheless. First of all I wanna say thanks for doing a giveaway. And thank you for doing the giveaway! Looks fantastic!

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If I were to want to win it for my friend should I post a picture of my PC or should I get him to post a picture of his laptop? Thanks for the opportunity to win! I have red individually sleeved cables on the way, which definately will improve the look of my rig. Surprisingly they are silent under heavy load, my card never goes above 65C while playing demanding games. Picture I didn't take one of this inside because my wiring is kinda messy: You will notice a remnant of my time as a peasant to the left of the last photo.