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Doctor Who episodes — Varos [almost three centuries in Peri's future, so probably between and ]. This novel is based on a Doctor Who story which was originally broadcast from 19—26 January Ripping off the film , this world was very unpleasant, the sets were drab and the characters were all back-stabbing creeps - even the personable Governor was really a vicious, ruthless, greedy tyrant.

Christopher H. Caught on camera…. Sold items. TV Filed to: The Chief and Quillam arrive on the scene but are entangled in the tendrils, killing them. Reviewing the story in About Time , Tat Wood described it as "like channel-zapping between a radical fringe theatre and children's television".

What shall we do? Goofs The cuffs lock around the Governor's wrists at different moments in the first two votes that we see.

Peri Martin Jarvis He really lights up the screen…. Breaking cases of every new set across all major sports as well as many non-sport and even more obscure releases. However, when I thi… twitter. Also at the end when the Doctor is leaving, and he calls for him begging him to stay, the look on Sil's face is wonderful However, Sil is mortified to learn that the invasion force has been called back, and a second Zeiton-7 deposit has been discovered, so his company has ordered him to obtain the Varosian ore at any price.

Trading Card Singles More from this seller. Contact Us. The Colin Baker era attracts a lot of justified criticism, but Vengeance on Varos is an example of a story that takes the general aesthetic of the era and makes it work perfectly.

Gerry Davis 15 Script Editor: And yet, despite this corruption, the inhabitants of Varos have the ability to change things, but steadfastly refuse to do so. Note also how little The Doctor has to do with resolving the story, which ends well not because of anything brilliant or proactive he does, really, but because he was lucky enough that nothing worse happens.

Vengeance on Varos ends on a rather bleak and grim final sequence, with two inhabitants of Varos struggling with their new-found freedom. What had been unsettling and uncertain suddenly became gaudy and grotesque.

The result was that the final story was much darker than originally intended.

Doctor Who (Classic): “Vengeance On Varos”

All listings. The TARDIS makes an emergency landing on Varos, a planet that used to be a penal colony, and where the native Varosians are presently entertained by broadcasts of real violence and death.

Behind the scenes forces, led by Eric Saward, seemed to be actively rebelling against the bright and cheerful mood the BBC enforced when they fired Hinchcliffe and hired Graham Williams as his successor.

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Colin Baker gives a very strong performance as the Doctor in this story, and Redford for one was impressed: In Vengeance writer Philip Martin extends this to the furthest limit: Official Sites.