How to sort group by different field in Crystal Reports

Here you can create a specified order by which to sort the groups that is neither ascending nor descending. Get this solution by purchasing an Individual license! Select a city, then click the Edit button to edit any group. February 25, The Scratch Area in Publisher — Tutorial. Take a look at our report above. Please try again later.

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View more on this topic or Ask a question. If you want to add another group, click the New button again. To sort a report by the summary field, one has to use the Group Sort Expert feature of the Crystal Reports. Kumar D. How to sort group by different field in Crystal Reports I have a Crystal Report that groups by an identifier field but I want it to sort by a different field. When you create groups, you choose a data field to use as the basis for your groupings.

Group, but then sort by another field?

For that reason, you can create your own groups in Crystal reports. Privacy Policy Terms of Use. Your email address will not be published. However, there were two other sorting order options available: Click OK, and the new group is added as shown below.

The groups make it easy to see which employees are in which department. The group header is on the first page. We are going to group for each week.

If the "date field" in the input is not a proper date field, but for example a number field or a text field, convert it to a proper date field: Sign In Subscribe. Click OK in the Group Expert dialogue box. Thanks for the help. Thank you for your responses. It now has a group header added. In a real-world situation, one would include whatever data the grouping should be based on. Now, take a look at the second page of our report. The top part of the Insert Group dialogue box allows you to choose the field and the sort order.

We reviewed these options earlier in this article. Since we were already familiar with ascending and descending sorting orders, we chose to sort our groups in ascending order.

Get answers and train to solve all your tech problems - anytime, anywhere. Account Log in: Select the grouping that you want to remove in the Group By section on the right. I wear a lot of hats We can start by creating a report with the necessary data, in this case the company name, country, and sales amount.

One of the overarching keys to a good report is that it be organized so as to make it easier to understand, and therefore more useful. Solutions Learn More Through Courses.