Do You Know How To Read Your Meters?

The hot version did not turn out louder, but sounded more crowded. Stop acting like clipping the Master Out is the impersonification of the devil, it is complete bullshit.

Again, too much phase difference between channels can result in imaging issues, or cancellations if the signal is heard in mono. Namespaces Article Talk. Joe Albano is here to demystify all kinds of meters for you - so read on to get the lowdown! God bless you my brother. Graham on March 2, at 4: Low pass sounds can swing the correlation more effectively than the high pass sounds. Mick Lamm on May 3, at 9: It is probably my lack of understanding hereā€¦ I usually record a track with my fader set at something like -9 or -6, get the level of the signal to reach around or Nice suggestion.

Marco Reply.

Correlation Meter

English is not my native language, so; what is sweet spot. With louder tracks.

Allan on January 27, at 3: And sind along: That is all. Also, the Level meter can be set to show fast or slow average levels or peak levels. The input signal should read on my DAW meters from my interface?

Thank you graham for opening my eyes. I know this is an older post, but hopefully you can still answer my question. From the display, one can get a good feel for the audio levels for each channel, the amount of stereo and its compatibility as a mono signal, even to some degree what frequencies are contained in the signal.

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