The Unlikely Return Of The White Sock

Browse All Ca But using them to make a fashion statement takes the finesse of a trained eye. These are the worse socks I ever bought. You can use an old sock as a whiteboard or chalkboard eraser. Wash the dirty socks right way out not inside out. Get Brand Reviews. Turn your socks inside out and sew one end of your first sock tube shut.

Alphasmarttools is a U. Browse Related. This is the second purchase of these socks we have made and I guarantee that we will buy them again. While I admit I haven't tried it, socks seems like a terrible idea for ice prevention on windshield-wipers. For a temporary jump rope, take your socks do not cut them and using some string or yarn, tie the socks together. Kaleidoscope Acres 0. Make a mini pillow. Once it is stuffed as much as you want it, sew the other end shut and you are done!

Wish List. Alternatively soak the dirty white socks in a of bucket water with one cup of hydrogen peroxide before washing the socks in the washing machine. Have you used hydrogen peroxide for whitening your laundry? Tuck this into another sock and fold it over so it's smooth. Socks can be good for storing glasses to prevent them from getting scratched up.

You can easily make one from a sock. Black and White,White a They are exactly what I wanted and remind me of my childhood. Learn more.

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Oscars Feb Consider throwing your hard-earned cash at the "Art" Croc from Alife, which features Jibbitz you know, those little charms people stick on their Crocs in the shape of New York landmarks. Remember, the headband should be just slightly tight so it stays on your head. Fill a sock with baby powder or baking soda and close to make an anti-static paper rub, before doing heat-embossing. Just collect them in a sock and you have one soap blob! Do not bleach, Tumble Dry L I love this article.

J, Walt Frazier, and Wilt Chamberlain played in them — Chamberlain, by the way, made sweatbands hot with the masses, too. Promo Code Finder. He commented that they are snug than other socks that have a similar style to them. Cling to my feet after wearing them for a couple of hours. Hydrogen peroxide work with time so longer it has to work on the stain, the better.

Use socks to replace knit cuffs on coat sleeves.

Foot socks are great for protecting sunglasses when I'm not wearing them, and I also use one to protect my handheld GPS when I'm out in the wilds geocaching